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V3 – An Atonement

This turned out quite well in the end. It’s a series of obituaries (ha!) linked together by … oh just print it out if you’re curious. The scene-setting is almost as convoluted as Corlis’ Purga – but it’s much more readable, by dint of the fact that it’s much shorter. The PDF in the link below was the one I used to create photocopies for binding – so not ideal for online browsing. The finished article itself is remarkably genick – so if you want a copy send me a postal order to cover postage and packing and I’ll send one out to you. Only a few left mind.

PDF of V3 – An Atonement
Read V3 – An Atonement Online

V3 Cover
V3 Cover
V3 Cover

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Corlis’ Purga

This is a commentary on the ‘Purga’, a fragment of verse by an ancient Euxian poet, Corlis. Neither exist of course. A patent cure for insomnia if ever there was one.

Read Corlis’ Purga Online
PDF of Corlis’ Purga

The 'Purga'

The Commentary

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The Dramatic Function of Antilabe In Greek Tragedy

Antilabe (an-ti-la-bey) is a device in Greek tragedy where a line of verse is split between two or more speakers. Doesn’t happen very often, so seemed like a good idea for my M.Litt thesis. How many words can you possibly devote to something so obscure? Oh, just the 80,0000.

PDF of ‘Dramatic Function of Antilabe in Greek Tragedy’

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