Burger King MyBKExperience Survey

Burger King is a pioneer of the fast- food restaurant. The headquarters of Burger King is situated in Dade County, Florida. Burger King is growing its business day by day. Today, this company is the second largest fast food restaurant chain globally. The popularity of this brand has increased a thousand folds all over the world. Burger King offers quality services at reasonable prices without cutting corners.

This consumer-centric company has a great business and hence, vowed to offer better customer services through their quality products and services. Generally, all the Burger King fast food restaurant are set up with welcoming ambiance to increase the customer interaction experience. These restaurants bring down the serving time and thus, have significantly increased the customer satisfaction levels. Setting up Burger King survey helps the company to know about customer experience, it is the best way to connect more customers and retain the current ones.

About Burger King

Burger King is also known as BK. Initially, Burger King was founded as InstaBurger King around 1953. After Mc Donald, it is the largest popular fast food restaurant chain in America. Burger King has its fast food restaurant chain over 15,000 locations in 80 countries. Every day around 11 million people visit Burger King fast food restaurant. Burger King is famous for their mouthwatering burgers and quality customer services.

With burgers, they also provide a large variety of other fast food products like soft drinks, French fries, milkshakes, sodas and other items like Hot beverages, coolers, and desserts. In order to offer good customer service, these restaurants keep in constant touch with the customers or attend the queries promptly.

Good after-sales services are important for brand value and customer retention. It is an important element in generating loyal customers. Thus, better customer experience is pivotal for strengthening the bond between customers and the company.

Hence, the Burger King has set  experience Survey to help the customers to deliver better service. This survey enables customers to express their views on the quality of the product, customer services in the restaurant. They can share their overall experience at burger king restaurant. This survey takes just a few minutes to complete and at the end, you can get a coupon code as a reward. The procedure for the BKExperience Survey is as follows.

 MyBKExperience Survey Procedure

There are some things one need to consider in order to participate in the Burger King MyBKExperience Survey. First and foremost thing is that you should have visited Burger king store personally. You must have a valid receipt from the store. Here are the important requirements for the survey.

MyBKExperience Survey Requirements:

The customers need a recent receipt from the Burger King store to access the Burger King MyBKExperience Survey. To access the questions the receipt should have survey invitation and survey id code. In the survey, you need to answer some questions about your visit to burger king store. In feedback you have to mention the restaurant number, your experience, amount spend and type of food order. Here are some requirements of the survey.

•    A valid receipt from Burger King store.

•    A survey invitation with 20 digit survey code.

•    A receipt should not be too old.

•    A good internet connectivity.

•    A Computer or Smartphone to access the site.

•    Familiarity with English, Dutch or any local language.

MyBKExperience Survey Process;

Once you fulfill all the requirement now you can move to the actual survey procedure which hardly takes any time. The important steps involved in the Burger King MyBKExperience Survey are as follows:

mybkexperience survey

•    Please visit the official web page of MyBKExperience survey.

•    Now you can see the privacy policy, you can read it or continue to the next page, where you will find blank space. Enter the restaurant number in that field. Restaurant no is mentioned at the top of the receipt.

•     Once you finish entering restaurant number, select the language. You can change the preference of language with the checkbox provided at the bottom of the webpage.

•    Now you will be able to see sample receipt. Enter the date, time and location of the restaurant you visited and press next button.

•    Enter twenty digit survey code provided in the receipt and start the survey.

•    You have to answer how much you are satisfied with the services at the restaurant.

•    Choose what type of food you ordered from available options.

•    Now you are redirected to the actual survey.

 •   You may need to answer about different aspects of a restaurant like food quality, customer service and ambiance inside the store.

•   Provide your honest opinion about the staff and other services.

 •   In the next page, you have to mention your expectation and reality about the size of the food item, appearance, and taste. Also whether you would like to buy it again.

•   Rate the various services in a restaurant based on your experience.

•   At the end of the survey, you will get the validation code.

•    You can note it down and use a coupon code to get discount on your next visit at Burger King.

Free coupons and  Rewards for  MyBKExperience Survey 

Burger King survey is important for the company to know what their customer feel about their services. Also, it provides the exciting opportunity for their regular customer to grab whooping discount at their favorite burger king store.

 In order to get the coupon code, you have to complete the survey and share your experience about the Burger King restaurant. At the end of the survey, you get the validation code. When you visit the restaurant you have to mention the use of coupon code before the purchase.


This is the whole procedure of Burger King MyBKExperience survey. This survey is just matter of few minutes but it helps the company in building future decisions and enhancing the quality of the product. It also helps you to share your experience with the services at the burger king restaurant, and the company gets to know about customers expectation.

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