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Description[ edit ] Size of two specimens compared to a human, with holotype in green and largest known specimen in purple Dilophosaurus was one of the earliest large predatory dinosaurs , a medium-sized theropod , though small compared to some of the later theropods.

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They were the ones who had quote-unquote 'taught' me to nurture my dominant side. They had also been very persuasive when I was trying to decide on the piercings.

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"I was so scared. " He twisted his hand, grasped my fingers, and brought them to his lips.

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The sensation had been borderline painful for me when he'd used them before.

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" I blinked, feeling dampness on my eyelashes as I obeyed.

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Especially the spanking. And then I couldn't stop.

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" "Why now?" Chris's voice was tinged with anger. His fingers gripped me tighter, making me wince.

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I just didn't know how long he was going to draw it out this time. Who would give in first.

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Grateful. But his thumb lightly tapped several times just above my clit, eliciting a string of sharp cries from my lungs as my inner muscles clenched and released.

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